A short note about myself

I am a husband, father of four, owner of 3 dogs, 3 cars and a house in the mid-Atlantic – I know… first world problems, right? I hail from the northeast, and I work for a technology company. Otherwise, I am keeping names and ages of the family off this site to ‘protect the innocent.’

My skills are not in writing… at least this is what I was told in college. I took a creative writing class, and was quickly disabused of any notion that I had any business writing stories of any kind. It wasn’t a pleasant experience… perhaps in a twist of irony I will write a story about it sometime!

In any case, as a family man, I have had my share of crazy experiences with the family, and some of them are just too good to keep to myself.

My hope here is simply to provide some entertainment for the masses, or at least those that happen to find their way to my tiny little corner of the web. Along the way, hopefully I can hone my writing somewhat, and if you all can get some chuckles out of it, so much the better.

Happy reading!